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ASB stands for Associated Student Body and it represents the interests and goals of the entire Oroville High School Student Body. Students who enroll in ASB do so because they recognize that there is more to being successful in school than simply doing homework. Having a positive atmosphere during the school day where students feel wanted and accepted is critical to their success. To that end, the officers and appointed members of the ASB class focus on providing engaging activities that ensure a well-rounded high school experience.

Students in ASB plan, organize, and participate in such activities as formal and informal dances, Homecoming, Spirit Week, grade-level competitions, community awareness projects, cultural events, and Staff Recognition throughout the year. Most of the funds for ASB come from the student-run fundraisers.

Contact information:
ASB Advisor: Diana Castillo
Athletic Director: Tom Frazier

ASB Procedures & Forms
ASB Forms are simplifying this year. It's the same form as in the past with slight changes that we think will help everyone. If you have any questions, please email or stop by to see Christina Olson in the Principals Office, Ms. Castillo in room H-2 or Mr. Frazier in I-1. 

Forms completed on the computer are much easier to read and the preferred way of turning in forms. All Expenditure/PO requisitions have to be complete, including minutes and receipt/quotes before they will be processed. When you are requesting to do business with a new vendor please also include their W9. The company you are doing business with will gladly supply that to you.

ASB Expenditure and PO Form
ASB Fundraiser Form