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College Connections


Are you interested in spending your senior year at Butte College and getting a jump on your college career? You can earn up to 22 units as well as finish your high school requirements all out at Butte College. Find out more information here: Butte College Connection webpage
Steps to Apply for the 2022-23 College Connection Program: Carefully complete and submit the College Connection application by Thursday, February 17th .

Students will need to complete these three steps below. 

  1. CC APPLICATION: Complete the online application found at this HERE (students must log into their student Google account to gain access). There is an essay and we suggest that you write the essay in a separate doc and paste it in when you complete the application. a. Essay topic: Discuss your reasons for selecting College Connection (as opposed to finishing your traditional senior year) and your readiness for such a program. Explain your special qualities, talents or abilities, past successful experiences, constructive ways of handling problems or challenges and future goals.
  2. PARENT/GUARDIAN STATEMENT: A parent or guardian will need to complete this short statement
  3. TWO TEACHER RECOMMENDATIONS: Copy and paste the link below to email it to two teachers for a recommendation to the program. Please include a note explaining the request for recommendation.
    1. Academic Teacher Recommendation link