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OUHSD Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all classes and to be on time unless properly excused. Legitimate excused-absence reasons include: 
1. Illness 
2. Visitation to a medical office, clinic, doctor or dentist 
3. Funeral of an immediate family member 
4. Quarantine of the home 

Verifying Absences by Notes 
A student absent from school is responsible for verifying the reason for his/her absence either with a note or a telephone call from a parent/guardian. Students are to submit their absence note to the attendance office before school, at break, during lunch or after school. Students must clear the absence within three days (72 hours) or receive truancy (cut). Only a parent or legal guardian can excuse a student’s absence. Older brothers, sisters, relatives, or neighbors cannot legally excuse a student’s absence. A student who turns 18 does not gain the right to receive unverifiable absences or off-campus passes.

The district permits a parent/guardian to excuse his/her student’s absence up to ten days without verification of illness from a medical professional. Students too ill to attend after reaching the ten day limit must submit verification of illness from a medical professional upon their return to school. Anytime your student has a doctor's appointment and/or documentation requiring them to stay home from school, this documentation must be turned in immediately when your student returns to school. These absences will be recorded verified and not count toward the ten-day parent/guardian excused limit. If your child is under the regular care of a physician for a serious or chronic condition, or they are directed to stay home by a medical professional before the ten days are reached, you should provide verification at that time. Absences for illnesses not verified after ten days will be marked unexcused and subject the student and/or parents to compulsory education law guidelines. 
Recommended Minimum: Administration shall assign detention, community service, or Saturday School.


See tardy policy.

On-Campus Illness 
If a student becomes ill during school, he/she must report to the attendance office.

Off-Campus Passes 
The attendance office will issue an off-campus pass when a student must leave school during the school day for a verifiable reason, such as a healthcare appointment, family emergency, etc. Regardless of a student’s age, the attendance office has the right to verify the reason(s) or destination(s) requiring an off-campus pass. To obtain an off-campus pass, the parent/guardian may submit a note to the attendance office before school begins. Parents/guardians may also phone to request their student be issued an off-campus pass. Requests are to be submitted in advance to allow the attendance office to obtain verification and/or contact the student.

Saturday School, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 
Concerning truancy, Saturday School will serve as a deterrent and consequence for students who are truant or have unverified period absences. Attendance of one Saturday School would remove six unverified period absences. Assignment to Saturday School will be at the discretion of administration. Failure to attend Saturday school may result in detentions, community service, or Saturday School being rescheduled. Students who do not serve Saturday School assignments may forfeit participation in extracurricular activities such as dances, field trips, and other school sponsored events. 

Cut or Truancy Policy 
A student who is absent without permission or verification, skips class, or cuts class is truant. A truant student does not have the right to demand make-up work or turn in any tests, quizzes, reports, homework, class assignment, etc., due on the day or period he/she received a “Cut”/Truancy. Any student found off-campus, cutting, or on-campus out of class without a proper hall or off-campus pass may be assigned a detention, community service or Saturday School immediately. School discipline is as follows: 
Recommended Minimum: Detention, Community Service, period(s) of ISS and Saturday School Parents are contacted when Saturday School is assigned via automated caller Students receive a reminder on the Friday prior to their assigned Saturday School

Unexcused Absences 
In order to provide a reasonable opportunity for the student or the student’s parent/guardian to explain the absences, the student or parent/guardian have three (3) school days to explain the absence to the Attendance Office. To implement this Board Policy, the Oroville Union High School District will follow these procedures: 
• Send a letter or phone home to parent/guardian and the Child Welfare & Attendance Office when a student has accumulated three (3) days of unexcused absences in the same classes in a year. 
• Send a letter home to parent/guardian and the Child Welfare & Attendance Office when a student has accumulated five (5) days of unexcused absences in the same classes in a ynces in the same period will receive a letter home advising parent/ guardian the student has been deemed a habitual truant by the State of California. The parent/guardian  will then be scheduled to meet with site administration and sign a truancy contract. If truancy continues, the student may be referred to Butte County Probation for truancy mediation. Student may also be referred to an alternative education program within OUHSD. Board Policy AR 5113 (b) Unexcused Absences Education Code 48260 – 48262

OUHSD Dress Code Policy 2018/19

Specific Clothing/Accessory Restrictions

Dress Code

  1. Students should maintain a high degree of cleanliness in personal hygiene and clothing. California Code of Reg: Title 5, Section 302, Reg. 77.
  2. Bib overalls: All straps must be fastened over the shoulder. Buttons on sides near the hips must be fastened.
  3. All clothing must be worn right-side out and must have appropriate hems. Clothing that is deemed distracting is not allowed on campus. “Distracting” will be the call of your teachers, administrators and other school staff.
  4. Shorts, skirts and dresses must reach the end of the student’s pointing finger. Those that are deemed distracting are not allowed on campus.
  5. “Distracting” will be the call of your teachers, administrators and other school staff.
  6. Hats: School personnel have the authority to confiscate hats and other types of headgear that they deem objectionable, disrespectful, or gang-related. Students wearing hats in classroom is the call of the individual teacher.
  7. Sunglasses may not be worn in classrooms.
  8. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times (no bare feet).

Prohibited Clothing and Accessories

Dress Code 

  1. Tops: sheer or see-through tops, braless outfits, tube tops, strapless garments, open back tops, camisoles, or open side tops for boys or girls. Excessive cleavage and midriff cannot be displayed. Clothing that is deemed distracting is not allowed on campus. “Distracting” will be the call of your teachers, administrators and other school staff.
  2. Sagging or intentionally pulled down clothing and oversized pants without belt at the waist.
  3. Bandanas or hairnets of any kind or color. Do-rags may be worn under a hat and must be black or white only.
  4. Clothing or accessories considered by school administration or law enforcement to denote gang affiliation are prohibited. This includes gang name or writing (script initialing) on clothing or body. Gang related tattoos must be covered. Since gang attire varies, this will be the call of the administration.
  5. Wearing the hood up on hooded sweatshirts is not allowed in any classroom.
  6. Dangerous accessories such as chains, spiked collars, wristbands, jewelry or rings. The teachers, administrators, and other school staff will make the determination if an item is dangerous.
  7. Clothing or accessories with sexually suggestive pictures or messages, or messages that promote or symbolize the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs or violence. Racially divisive symbols are not allowed on clothing or accessories.

Violations of the Student Dress and Grooming Code

If a student is suspected of violating the dress and grooming code, the violation should be reported to the appropriate administrator. If the administrator or his/her designee determines that the student is in violation, the student shall be asked to remedy the violation by one of the following solutions:

  1. Obtain acceptable clothing from the student’s PE locker; from those items donated from parent volunteers; or purchase clothes from the student store.
  2. Contact parent to bring acceptable clothing to the student (student will wait in administrator’s office, and the parent must be forthcoming within a reasonable period of time).
  3. Parent may contact the attendance office to obtain an off-campus pass to then allow student to go home and change into acceptable clothing.

If the violation cannot be remedied, the student will remain in the office for the remainder of the school day or until the situation can be remedied. Students habitually violating the dress and grooming code will be subjected to further disciplinary action as stated in the Oroville Union High School District Violations of Discipline Code.